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Hope you’re having a good time and feeling hungry by looking at the photos!

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5 11 2007

dear liz,

i’m interested nak order bahulu lebih kurang dalam 9000 biji. i nak tau how much per pieces?

24 10 2008

Hi Liz,

Very impressed with your blog…….keep up the good work & thks for sharing.
I just want to know what kind of mould or cookie cutter you use for the Sweet Pine Tart???
Hope to get an answer from ya ???
Have A Great Weekend !!!

10 11 2008

Hi Sandra,

Sorry for late reply, been toooooo bz with office work, haven’t had the chance to check my blog.
I use floral cookie cutter (size about 6 cm) AND alumunium tart mould (the kind you use to make fruit tart).
IF i remember, i’ll snap a pic of both the tools. Just had a baby boy, so, my time at home is fully occupied with him.. hehehhehe..

19 06 2009

hye..i wanted to ask the prices of all ur product…tx..

21 07 2009

saya berminat untuk order cookies.
berapa untuk satu bekas dan dihantar ke penang?
terima kasih

15 10 2009

Hi Liz,

Mmmmmmm….your cookies are simply the best I ever tried

15 10 2009

Hi Anitha,

Thanks a lot, you made my day! Am soooo glad you like them..

29 07 2010

macamana nak order?

7 02 2011

Hi kak,

Saya nak tanya kalau nak order kuih untuk hari raya 2011dalam kuantiti yang banyak:

1) berapa lama masa yang diambil??
2) berapa harga untuk semua cookies yang dijual?
3) ada berapa biji dalam satu bekas?
4) macamana dengan panghantaran?

15 02 2011

Hi Linda, sori ek lambat reply.. kalau nak cepat, better email ke maliza@pic.com.my. Akak agak malas nak check blog ni kalau takde nak update apa2.. ok, jawapan utk soalan linda:
1) Masa yg diambil utk apa ek? terbengong plak akak malam ni.. kalau nak order, bila sample keluar in mid June nanti, dah boleh place order. Akak selalu tutup order seminggu puasa.
2) Harga cookies Insyallah maintain 2010 punya.. refer posting Kuih Raya 2010 ye. Tapi better tunggu the updated list yg akan keluar in mid june nnt sbb akan ada cookies baru..
3) kuantiti depends on size kukis tu.. tapi antara 50 to 70pcs.
4) penghantaran – boleh jumpa kat Giant Bdr Puteri or Giant Shah Alam (seksyen 13 kot).. ataupun mungkin boleh ambik from my ejen nanti..

4 08 2011

hi sis, can i just ask do you still take orders?

4 10 2012

can i have this owner phone number…cuz i want to make order for deepavali..please anyone..thank you..

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