Donut my love..

20 10 2008

I made these some time back (before Ramadhan)…   saje suka2 buat love shape… but now i know, sebenarnya ada sebab acuan donut direka macam tu (kosong kat tengah).. pasal bila buat love shape ni (especially with this recipe), dia ada ruang angin kosong kat tengah2… tapi kalau buat style donut biasa tu, takde pulak… but cantik jugak rupa dia kalau buat love shape ni..

Next time kalau nak buat donut lagi, nak try guna donut cutter yg laaagi besar sebab semalam masa makan petang kat Istana Budaya (sementara tunggu my daughter buat rehearsal), makan donut kat cafe kat dalam tu..  donut dia lembut jugak (tapi yg i buat laaaaagi lembut!!) tapi nampak sooo gebu and tempting sebab dia buat besar2..  

Recipe dah bagi earlier kan, so refer posting yg lepas2 ye..



21 03 2008

It was Izzat’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday darling izzat!).  I just thought i should bring something that kids would like.. and the easiest one would be donut!  I used Kak Sue’s recipe (which can also be used as pizza base) as given below.  Simple ingredients, yet can produce a very soft donut!  My choice!  Apart from Chef Li’s recipe, i like to use Kak Sue’s because the end result is similar to me… a soft, cotton-like donut..


Donut Kak Sue (ResipiNet)

 Ingredients·         3 cups multi-purpose flour·         2 tsp instant yeast·         3 tbsp caster sugar·         3 tbsp milk powder·         3 tbsp shortening ·         200 ml water 

 Method (if using mixer)·         Combine all dry ingredients. Mix well.·         Add in water.  Beat to form a dough.·         Add in shortening. ·         Continue to beat till a smooth dough is formed. It should have an elastic touch.·         Leave to proof for 15 – 30 minutes till it doubles its size.·         Roll dough into 1cm in thickness.   


Psst: I’m more than happy to share the recipes of any dishes posted here (which i made). So, jangan marah2, mintak baik2 ye.. Resepi ni takde hakcipta terpelihara (including resepi2 kek & biskut yg diniagakan).. cuma kadang2 malas nak bawak gi opis and re-type..




Let’s Pizza..

21 03 2008

I made these last weekend.. simple, easy to make and more importantly, INSANELY DELICIOUS!!  masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak!! hahahha..

I used Kak Sue’s (RN) donut recipe as the pizza base which i shall share with you in my next posting (“Merry-Go-Donut”).  You really should try this.. my tiny house smells like i was in Pizza Hut..  You can put anything you like for the topping.  I just put sausage (smoked), sliced button mushroom, chicken, capsicum, pizza spices, chedar cheese and tomato puree.  How to do it?  It’s easy..  First, you have to get your pizza base ready (i let my breadmachine do the work).  Roll the dough thinly, put it in pizza pan (i don’t have any, so i just put it in my cake tin.  Be sure to put a cookie sheet, otherwise, you’ll have difficulty to take the pizza out).  Then, spread the tomoto puree. Add in a little bit of pizza spices, then all the other ingredients.  Lastly, put in generous amount of chedar cheese and another bit of pizza spices..  You can also add in mozarella cheese (i don’t have any at that time).

And the result:-





Little Tea Party (Part 1)

26 11 2007

This week, i believe i’ve gained another kg or two.. thanks to my mom for telling me that i’ve actually lost weight!  and to make up for the ‘loss’, i cook!! hahahhahahah.. 

i always cook when hubby is not around.. kind of bored, so have to do something to fill up my time.. i did housekeeping in the morning, bathed the cats and finally stared at the wall…  huh, what a boring life!  Especially now that it’s school holidays, Danisya will not be at home most of the time.. So, i decided to try out a new recipe – Carrot Muffin, the recipe was shared by Anim the rocker (pls refer to her blog for recipe –  And as requested by my niece, i made another big batch of donut (again?!!).  This was on Saturday.

Everything was ready by 6pm… it was indeed a very lovely afternoon… the kids were happily playing and the mums & dads were happily eating!  hmm, how i love my family…





Mini Pizza

25 04 2007

I’ve made the base of my mini pizza from ‘rejected dough’.. actually, i tried a new recipe of doughnut some time back and dump everything into my breadmaker, only to find that the dough was too sticky… that’s the result of too much water..  since the only thing i know to make use of the dough is to make it as pizza base, so, that was what i did.. & kept them in the fridge for almost a month before decided to serve it for tea last sunday.  What you see in the photos are what i have in the fridge (nothing much for a lazy cook like me!)..



Sold out in no time… that’s all matters..

Fabulous donut.. my fav..

26 03 2007


Opps, i’m supposed to go home.. but i HAVE to put up this..

Told ya I lurrrrrve donut..  i made 2 batches yesterday coz my frozen donut is in great demand.. hahahhaha..  and for tea at my mum’s house, i brought these over.. also sold out in no time.. at first, Danisya was like, ergghhh donut again!..  But somehow, she took one.. and another one.. No one can resist donut!   Look at the pics and tell me you can..




Makan Roti Looooo…

21 03 2007

Tak tahu la nape saya teruja sangat nak wat roti w/pun selalunya tak habis roti-roti ku tu..  & resepi yang paaaaling i suka is Potato Bread yang my RN fren, Anim (muahss kat anim) share kat yahoogroup tu..  tho it’s difficult to handle & very sticky, i just did like sifu Anim did..  spread the dough in the aluminium tray and put in the cutter.. masuk oven, bakar dan makan… simple sebenarnya..  just dump all the ingredients into your breadmaker (kalau takde, just use mixer tapi guna K beater tau).  Let the machine do the magic. 

And do  you know how insanely delicious makan roti panas-panas ni?  huh, wa cakap lu… terangkat beb.. 

Last Saturday, I tried Chocolate Bun (by kak hanieliza RN – tenkiu kak).  Surprisingly Danisya didn’t like it.  She can’t even finish one!  But for me it’s marvellous especially eating it while it still warm (you may wanna try eating it while it’s hot if you wanna burn your tongue.. joking!).  Since i definitely can’t finish all 20pcs of Chocolate Bun by myself, i brought it to office on Monday.. amazingly, none was left by evening (there’re only very few of us here!).

Ok, enough of bread story, now it’s time to feast the eyes…



500g tepung (wa guna tepung roti)
10g yis
1 biji telur gred B (wa guna gred C)
10g bread improver
5g garam
70g tepung campuran kentang (wa guna potato flakes)
60g majerin
100g gula kastor
350 ml air sejuk

50g instant kastad
125ml susu segar

1.         Campurkan kastard segera bersama susu segar. Kacau sebati.
2.         Uli tepung spt adonan roti.  Masukkan sedikit air dan uli lagi.  Biarkan 15 minit.
3.         Ambil aunan sebanyak 30g, bulatkan dan susun dalam dulang pembakar
4.         Setelah naik, paipkan atasnya dgn kastad dan bakar selama 25 minit.



Kak Hanilieza

Ingredients :
Ingredients A :

500 g bread flour

30 g milk powder
20 g cocoa powder
100 g sugar
11 g instant yeast
1 whole egg

Ingredients B :
250 ml water
80 g margarine

Method :

1. Mix well ingredients A.
2. Add in water and knead till a soft dough is formed.

3. Add in margarine and knead again till soft and elastic.
4. Divide the dough into 50g balls.
5. Shape the dough to your liking.

6. Leave to prove till double the size.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degree celcius till golden brown.
8. Once out of the oven, brush some margarine on to the bun.

300GM Whipping Cream
400gm Cooking Chocolate
1tsp butter

Didihkan whipping cream dengan api sederhana sehingga kelihatan sedikit buble-buble kecil, padamkan api, masukkan chocolate yang telah dipotong kecil-kecil. Kacau sehingga ketulan chocolate tu larut.