Going Bananas

20 10 2008

Apart from papaya, i love banana…  i got another easy Banana Cake recipe from my officemate, Ida (thanks sooo much!!).  This is my second time baking this cake.. Insanely Delicious!!  Especially when they’re still warm.. can’t remember how many i ate!  Here’s the recipe if you wanna try (in Bahasa):-


5/6 biji pisang (preferabably pisang mas….klau dia gi belayar, tggu dia balik hehehe)

4 biji telur gred A

1 cawan minyak masak

1 cawan gula


BAHAN B (perlu diayak bersama)

1 ½  cawan tepung gandum

1 sudu kecil soda bicarbonate




  1. Ambil blender, masukkan pisang, telur, gula & minyak…campurkan semua dan blend sampai halus.
  2. Masukkan adunan pisang tadi ke dalam bekas dan masukkan Bahan B. Gaul hingga sebati.
  3. Greasekan loyang, masukkan adunan dan bakar hingga masak.

Pst: kek yg I buat tadi tu, guna pisang berangan jer cos lama sangat nak tggu pisang mas balik dari belayar….kebulur dulu la gamaknya…..hehehe


Jam Muffin

11 07 2008

One of my colleague is resigning, so we had another potluck today…  since my mind is fully occupied with dishes for Danisya’s birthday, i really had no idea what to bring today.. thank God i came across this blog – http://zaitgha-dayindayout.blogspot.com/  and drools over her jam muffin.. since it’s pretty easy to make, i decided to whip a batch last nite..

I don’t quite fancy blueberry but that’s the only jam available at home (i think blueberry associates well only with cheese – just my personal taste)..  As for taste of this jam muffin – i think it’s more like a cake rather than muffin.. something must have gone wrong somewhere.  Perhaps, i have overbeat the batter.  I read somewhere that once flour is added to the mixture, one should just mix it lightly.  I didn’t “listen” b’coz i thought the batter wasn’t look good.. (hahaha, is the reason justified?). Zaitgha’s muffin cracked and looked like a muffin.. unlike mine… anyway, it is tasty.  I’m glad my colleagues said they’re good.

Here’s the recipe which i copied from Zaitgha’s blog:-

You need,
140 gm butter at room temperature
120 gm castor sugar
2 eggs
Half teaspoon vanilla
8 tbls fresh milk
200 gm flour sifted with
2 tsp baking powder
Whatever jam you like to use.

1. Heat the oven at 180ºC.
2. Beat butter until soft then add in the sugar and beat again medium speed.
3. Add eggs one at a time, add the vanilla then the milk. Beat till well incorporated.
4. Add in the sifted flour with baking powder and beat slow.
5. Fill half of the muffins cup with the batter, put your favorite jam in about 1 tsp, and top with the batter again
6. Bake for about 25 minutes or do the skewer test.

Little Tea Party (Part 1)

26 11 2007

This week, i believe i’ve gained another kg or two.. thanks to my mom for telling me that i’ve actually lost weight!  and to make up for the ‘loss’, i cook!! hahahhahahah.. 

i always cook when hubby is not around.. kind of bored, so have to do something to fill up my time.. i did housekeeping in the morning, bathed the cats and finally stared at the wall…  huh, what a boring life!  Especially now that it’s school holidays, Danisya will not be at home most of the time.. So, i decided to try out a new recipe – Carrot Muffin, the recipe was shared by Anim the rocker (pls refer to her blog for recipe – http://penyulawa.fotopages.com).  And as requested by my niece, i made another big batch of donut (again?!!).  This was on Saturday.

Everything was ready by 6pm… it was indeed a very lovely afternoon… the kids were happily playing and the mums & dads were happily eating!  hmm, how i love my family…





Let’s Swirl, Babe..

7 09 2007

Did this last nite for Nas (or is it spelled Naz?).. thanks for the order, anyway… & these are such a simple design & i lurrrrvvee to accept order of this nature.  Let’s swirl, babe..

Hope she likes it!







Cupcakes Order from Little Flower Pot

3 09 2007

Got an sms from the owner of Little Flower Pot (http://little-flower-pot.blogsport.com) some time back (sorry, haven’t got the time to update my blog!!), requesting for a box of cupcakes..  Since i don’t have any other commitment that day, i agreed to accept the order..

Here are the pics…  (sorry, quality of photos is very bad… but i’m glad they love the cakes!)



Birthday Cuppies

16 08 2007




My SIL who is also my regular client requested for cupcakes to celebrate her biz partner’s b’day today.  She wanted only simple designs..  Being amateur in decorating, even these simple designs took me 2 hours to complete.. and there’re only 75pcs. huh, cuppies are very time consuming!

Cupcakes Deco Class with Sifu LindaZA

16 08 2007

Last Saturday, ResipiNet organized a deco class with Sifu LindaZA.  I definitely won’t miss it for the world!  I really wanted to learn to make roses… look at pics below, i think it would do for a beginner like me!  No doubt the class was full of fun..

Thanks to sifu LindaZA for sharing her knowledge with us.. and also thanks to Kak Sue for letting us use her house for this ‘project’.


Right: Sifu LindaZA’s, Left:  definitely mine!!




Since this can be considered as a mini gathering for members of ResipiNet, we had another round of pot luck… loads of wonderful and mouth-watering dishes.. i brought sambal udang tho i’m not good at cooking! belasah jelah..




This brownie is insanely delicious!!  love it so much!