Tempahan Minggu Lepas

15 02 2011

Alhamdulillah, selesai dah tempahan utk ‘musim’ ni..  lepas ni boleh rehat kejap.. tapi hopefully, ada lah yg menempah lagi..  Minggu lepas, buat carrot cake 2 biji untuk ofismate dan juga marble cake 10 biji untuk Kak Ida.  Thanks ye.. Kak Ida tempah utk makan2 (as dessert) masa kenduri kawen anak dara dia last wiken.. sumer purple you..  tapi sori lah ek, gambar kek sebenar tu takde lah sebab takleh nak sesuka ati potong kek orang..  Ni tengok jelah kek marble kaler lain..

Adik saya yg sempat mencilok sekeping kek ni kata sedap.. hish, buruk siku betul, macam tak biasa makan.. hehehehhe..  


Tempahan Sepanjang Chinese New Year 2011

4 02 2011

Ampun ampun… dah lama betul meninggalkan my wonderful world of blog ni..  takde mood sampai berbulan2 ek!!

Sepanjang 2 weeks lepas, LizCookies agak sebok dengan tempahan for Chinese New Year.. tapi yg menempahnya mostly malays.. ekekekkeke.. saje nak bagi rezeki kat kitorang.. THANKS A MILLION!!  Ok, saje nak kepoh2 kat sini, tempahan2 yg diterima sepanjang minggu lepas adalah:-

Kek Buah – 2 biji

Moist Walnut Brownies – 10 biji

Tat Nenas – 2 bekas

Snow Almond – 6 bekas

Snow Heart Suji – 5 bekas

London Almond – 5 bekas


Hazel Oat – 6 bekas 

Spot d Choc Chip – 4 bekas

Coffee Walnut – 7 bekas

Carrot Walnut Cake – 1 biji

& 25 biji (2.5oz) Chocolate Moist Cupcakes + balancenya 14 biji pun selamat disapu bersih kat ofis i.. Selalunya macam ni la, bila ada yg mula tempah, Insyallah ada je yg mengekor.. tu yg sebok sepanjang minggu..  Ahad ni nak bake 2 biji carrot cake lagi.. next Saturday pulak 10 biji marble kek.. alhamdulillah..

Chocolate Brownies

4 03 2008

I swear this is the best brownies ever created in this world!  The first time I tried this was during Cupcake Deco Class with Linda (last year).  One of the participants, Sarah Jasmine brought it and i can’t get my hand off it after tasting it for the first time.

This is 2nd time i made it on my own.. it’s VERY easy.. but i can’t do it often.. i really am putting on weight!

Thanks so much to Wan Mastura and Sarah Jasmine for sharing this wonderful recipe.




250gm butter                            } double boil

400gm cooking choc Tulip          }


Bahan B

340gm brown sugar        }

6 eggs                           } campur semua & whisk

20gm emulco                 }


Bahan C

80gm tepung gandun

60gm koko (imported)

140gm walnut dicincang



Melt Bahan A kendian campur ke Bahan B yg telah di-whisk dulu. Kendian boh sume dlm Bahan C.


Alas loyang 12X12 ngan kertas minyak sapu butter sket2. Tuang masuk adunan n bakar. Baking time n temp tu ikut oven masing2 yaa. cam sy punyer 130C for 50 min.


Note from SarahJasmine: ·         tidak perlu guna mixer·         bila bahan A campur ke B sy guna hand whisk and biler nak campur ke c saya kacau pakai spatula plak. choc n butter yg didable boil kan sy kacau pakai wooden spoon.(tak ikut pun tak per ..hehehh sajer mengatal nak taip banyak2 ).·         lagi satu, mula letak 20 mins sy biar…then every 10mins sy rotate sampai dia masak. sebabnyerrr. …oven ku panas tak sekata….ngeh ngeh ngeh…hehehheeh. 





Chocolate cake and banana muffin

18 01 2008


Last Saturday, my cousin ordered 4 bottles of Coconut Cornflakes and 4 bottles of Almond Slice for her daughter’s engagement ceremony.  Me and my mum went there and of course, we weren’t there empty handed..  The easiest dish to do is the new version of chocolate cake (recipe below).  It’s sooooo easy to make and the best part is that i don’t have to wash the whisk and bowl of my mixer!  & the taste?  INSANELY DELICIOUS!

And on Sunday, I made some banana choc chip muffin.. also taste great!


SIMPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients A·         2 cups all-purpose flour·         1 ½ cups cocoa powder·         2 tsp baking powder·         2 tsp soda bicarbonate·         3 tsp Nescafe (coffee powder)·         A pinch of salt   Ingredients B·         2 cups caster sugar·         1 cup cooking oil·         1 cup evaporated milk (I used fresh milk)·         3 eggs (I used Grade B)   Ingredient C·         1 cup hot water 

 Method·         In a large bowl, combine Ingredients A. Mix well.·         In another separate bowl, combine Ingredients B. Mix well.·         Add both and mix them until well incorporated.·         Lastly, add in the hot water.·         Grease the baking tin.·         Bake for 60 minutes (or more), 160C. 





Cakes Marathon

27 12 2007

I don’t know what have gotten into me..  I decided to ‘open tender’ for my cakes a week before Hari Raya Aidil Adha and found myself in a mess on Tuesday (18th Dec) nite, trying to bake 8 cakes!!!  Thank God, Sally wanted 2 fruit cakes which can be made waaayyyy ahead of time.  Delivered hers on Sunday (16th Dec) (ehm ehm, you may want to refer to her comment on my Little Tea Party Part 11 below).

But i told my friends to expect VERY simple and minimal deco.  I got orders for Chocolate Moist Cake (5), Carrot Cake (1), Fruit Cake (2), Plain Marble Cake (2).  I finished my marathon by 4am on Wednesday… Amazing huh!!!

Oooooo now i know why i’ve gone crazy.. it must be because of my NEW industrial mixer!!


Fruit Cake











Chocolate Cakes  (emmm, yummy!)


Plain Marble Cake



Carrot Cake

Little Tea Party (Part II)

26 11 2007

I must have gone mad!  Just look at the dishes i made for another ‘tea party’ yesterday (Sunday).. Most are new recipes.. i made Banana Choc Chip Loaf (recipe from Sugar – Asian Food Channel), Bread Pudding (recipe by Kak Baya, RN), Cheezy Chocolate Banana (recipe from MamaZieza who got it from Asian Food Channel), “Rojak Buah” and “Invite-invite Vadai” (recipe by Mak Lang, RN).

Actually, i didn’t really enjoyed the food.. it was much much more than that… it was the laughter, the company, the teasing… above all, it was the FAMILY…











Here’s the recipe for Banana Choc Chip Loaf (it was actually Banana White Choc Loaf but i don’t have white choc, so i substituted it with choc chip and change its name).  Believe me, this is VERY EASY to make and INSANELY DELICIOUS!


• 2 large ripe banana (3/4 cup) – mashed
• 1/3 cup butter
• 1/3 cup caster sugar
• 1 egg
• 1 tsp vanilla essence
• 1 ¼ cup pastry flour (I used superfine flour)
• 1 ¼ tsp baking powder
• ¼ tsp soda bicarbonate
• ½ tsp cinnamon powder
• ¼ tsp salt
• ¾ cup white choc (chopped) (I used choc chip)

• Using spatula, mix butter and sugar until just well incorporated (not light & fluffy).
• Add in egg and essence. Mix well.
• Sift flour, baking, soda, cinnamon & salt together.
• Add in ½ of dry ingredients into the batter.
• Add in ½ of mashed banana.
• Add in the balance of dry ingredients.
• Add in the balance of mashed banana.
• Lastly add in chopped white chocolate.
• Grease and dust loaf pan with flour.
• This recipe will double in size.
• Bake for 50 – 60 minutes, 160C.

Happy Birthday Sayang

13 09 2007


My beloved partner’s birthday was on last Sunday (9/9).  He was extremely busy with work (ATM Tatoo or something) and seldom had the chance to come home for the past two weeks, but for this special occasion, he sneaked out during lunch time to come home and had lunch together (a very late lunch tho, thanks to me for being busy in kitchen preparing cuppies for my customer).  Danisya wanted to go to Chicken Rice Shop.. as usual, she gets what she wants.. After lunch, came back home, cut his birthday cake and rushed back to the ‘scene’… i know very well that he doesn’t like cakes.. so, when he didn’t even take a bite of the cheesecake that i baked, i didn’t feel anything.. well, that’s very normal of him.. and that’s the reason why i baked cheesecake!  i’ve been craving to try out DeeDee’s (of RN) recipe.. now i found the reason to bake.. wallah.. there you are.. a lovely and very filling cake!

But too bad, i’m unable to download the photos yet ‘coz my sis kidnapped my camera right after that.. hmm, got to wait, then..

Especially for my room mate, life partner and my other half, errrr jap eh nak menggediks kejap, kene cakap melayu.. kikikiki… w/pun sayang tak baca blog ni, kot la di satu hari kang nak baca ke… ja nak cakap gak w/pun sayang dah tahu.. yg sayang sayang ni sangat-sangat sayang kat sayang.. hehehhehe.. ada paham ka?