R&D Biskut Raya 2013

29 04 2013

Entah berapa kali nak say sorry ntah.. asyik tak pedulikan this blog..  sorry sangat2 sebab dah malas sungguh nak ber-blogging..  once a while, i’ll go to my facebook and update there..

Anyway, this year banyak jugak buat R&D for new cookies sebab tak jumpa2 lagi cookies idaman malaya.. let’s check it out…


This is Choc Chip Cookie. Tried twice.. Not bad, but too average.. nothing so special about this choc chip cookie..


This is Bangkit Cheese. Taste wise memang superb.. but failed on the look! Tried this twice.. The 2nd one was a success.. but still got do something on the look.. no idea!!


This is Lemon Daisy.. Couldn’t taste the lemon, sikit sangat kot.. anyway, this was a modified version of my Beautiful Daisy. 2nd attempt was a success – change the lemon to strawberry.. Will be in final list!

shortbread 2

No introduction required for this.. It’s shortbread. After 2nd attempt, i wud say it was quite a success.. still need to learn to master this!! May be included in the final list.

liz nikon 064 (640x518)

This is Biskut Badam. Looks tempting but it’s just average.. Definitely not included in the final list.

The list will be finalized before end of this week..  Tungguuuu….