Cookies for Hari Raya 2008

4 08 2008

Assalamualaikum… I’m back with the latest list of cookies for this year’s festival..  Don’t miss this opportunity to try out these insanely delicious cookies… brought to you by LizCookies!!

Cookies in Black (new) – Guaranteed another hit for 2008!  A MUST for chocolate lovers.  Why? It’s loaded with chocolates!..

Cinnamon Drop (new) – With a touch of cinnamon, the aroma lingers in your mouth.  Very exquisite taste!

Beautiful Daisy (new) – This is kind of melt in your mouth cookie, with a taste of strawberry. A simple and lovely cookies, yet so delicious!

Almond Slice – “Most Wanted Cookie”.  This cookies is exceptionally good.  150 bottles were sold last year.  Very crunchy.

Chocolate Chip Spotties – This cookie was introduced last year. On 2nd place after Almond Slice.  110 bottles were sold last year.  With choc chip, almond and cornflakes combined into one recipe, it has to be good!

 Snow Heart Suji – A traditional cookie that will never be forgotten.

Crunchy Choc. Rice – Loaded with oats, almond and chocolate rice.. another cookie that can’t be missed!

 Sweet Tart Mawi – A traditional taste with modern look!  Also a must for tart lovers.

 Badam Intan – A simple almond cookie that could melt you down… almost a “suji-like” cookie.

Coffee Chocolate Chip – If you love coffee, you can’t miss this one.  The smell of coffee as you open up the container is just magnificent.. It’s also added with walnut and chocolate chip.  Absolutely perfect!!

London Almond – If you want to make children happy, this cookie will do the trick.  The colors will definitely catch their attention!

Market Price – RM20 per bottle (56 – 75 pieces)

Dealer’s Price – RM18 per bottle (minimum 10 bottles)

Don’t wait, place your orders now (self pick-up).  If you’re interested to be my dealer, contact me ASAP. 

“LizCookies – Penyeri di Aidil Fitri”