Fancy Cookies Part 2

8 07 2008

This is the second time i did the deco on cookies… so far, i enjoyed every single moment of it.. (wait til i’m bored with this stuff!).  I used my Almond Slice cookie recipe (refer the other blog please – ).  But omit the almond of course! and u dont have to keep the dough overnite in the fridge.  The cookie itself is superb to me.

I made these especially for my ESEMPI reunion  held on Saturday, 5th July 2008 at Quality Hotel, Shah Alam..  seriously, i haven’t met some of my schoolmates / classmates for 20 years!  And to see them again was… what was it?  well, there’s no exact word to describe the feeling…

What’s most important is ISLA, SALLY & MYZA are still going strong…





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