21 03 2008

It was Izzat’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday darling izzat!).  I just thought i should bring something that kids would like.. and the easiest one would be donut!  I used Kak Sue’s recipe (which can also be used as pizza base) as given below.  Simple ingredients, yet can produce a very soft donut!  My choice!  Apart from Chef Li’s recipe, i like to use Kak Sue’s because the end result is similar to me… a soft, cotton-like donut..


Donut Kak Sue (ResipiNet)

 Ingredients·         3 cups multi-purpose flour·         2 tsp instant yeast·         3 tbsp caster sugar·         3 tbsp milk powder·         3 tbsp shortening ·         200 ml water 

 Method (if using mixer)·         Combine all dry ingredients. Mix well.·         Add in water.  Beat to form a dough.·         Add in shortening. ·         Continue to beat till a smooth dough is formed. It should have an elastic touch.·         Leave to proof for 15 – 30 minutes till it doubles its size.·         Roll dough into 1cm in thickness.   


Psst: I’m more than happy to share the recipes of any dishes posted here (which i made). So, jangan marah2, mintak baik2 ye.. Resepi ni takde hakcipta terpelihara (including resepi2 kek & biskut yg diniagakan).. cuma kadang2 malas nak bawak gi opis and re-type..







One response

25 03 2008

alahai tq very the much la sbb sudi menyusahkan diri bwk donut tu… cuma nak komen skit jek… lain kali bwk lebeh2 skit ek…. ahaakkkk!!!

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