Let’s Pizza..

21 03 2008

I made these last weekend.. simple, easy to make and more importantly, INSANELY DELICIOUS!!  masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak!! hahahha..

I used Kak Sue’s (RN) donut recipe as the pizza base which i shall share with you in my next posting (“Merry-Go-Donut”).  You really should try this.. my tiny house smells like i was in Pizza Hut..  You can put anything you like for the topping.  I just put sausage (smoked), sliced button mushroom, chicken, capsicum, pizza spices, chedar cheese and tomato puree.  How to do it?  It’s easy..  First, you have to get your pizza base ready (i let my breadmachine do the work).  Roll the dough thinly, put it in pizza pan (i don’t have any, so i just put it in my cake tin.  Be sure to put a cookie sheet, otherwise, you’ll have difficulty to take the pizza out).  Then, spread the tomoto puree. Add in a little bit of pizza spices, then all the other ingredients.  Lastly, put in generous amount of chedar cheese and another bit of pizza spices..  You can also add in mozarella cheese (i don’t have any at that time).

And the result:-








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