21 03 2008

It was Izzat’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday darling izzat!).  I just thought i should bring something that kids would like.. and the easiest one would be donut!  I used Kak Sue’s recipe (which can also be used as pizza base) as given below.  Simple ingredients, yet can produce a very soft donut!  My choice!  Apart from Chef Li’s recipe, i like to use Kak Sue’s because the end result is similar to me… a soft, cotton-like donut..


Donut Kak Sue (ResipiNet)

 Ingredients·         3 cups multi-purpose flour·         2 tsp instant yeast·         3 tbsp caster sugar·         3 tbsp milk powder·         3 tbsp shortening ·         200 ml water 

 Method (if using mixer)·         Combine all dry ingredients. Mix well.·         Add in water.  Beat to form a dough.·         Add in shortening. ·         Continue to beat till a smooth dough is formed. It should have an elastic touch.·         Leave to proof for 15 – 30 minutes till it doubles its size.·         Roll dough into 1cm in thickness.   


Psst: I’m more than happy to share the recipes of any dishes posted here (which i made). So, jangan marah2, mintak baik2 ye.. Resepi ni takde hakcipta terpelihara (including resepi2 kek & biskut yg diniagakan).. cuma kadang2 malas nak bawak gi opis and re-type..





Let’s Pizza..

21 03 2008

I made these last weekend.. simple, easy to make and more importantly, INSANELY DELICIOUS!!  masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak!! hahahha..

I used Kak Sue’s (RN) donut recipe as the pizza base which i shall share with you in my next posting (“Merry-Go-Donut”).  You really should try this.. my tiny house smells like i was in Pizza Hut..  You can put anything you like for the topping.  I just put sausage (smoked), sliced button mushroom, chicken, capsicum, pizza spices, chedar cheese and tomato puree.  How to do it?  It’s easy..  First, you have to get your pizza base ready (i let my breadmachine do the work).  Roll the dough thinly, put it in pizza pan (i don’t have any, so i just put it in my cake tin.  Be sure to put a cookie sheet, otherwise, you’ll have difficulty to take the pizza out).  Then, spread the tomoto puree. Add in a little bit of pizza spices, then all the other ingredients.  Lastly, put in generous amount of chedar cheese and another bit of pizza spices..  You can also add in mozarella cheese (i don’t have any at that time).

And the result:-





Chocolate Brownies

4 03 2008

I swear this is the best brownies ever created in this world!  The first time I tried this was during Cupcake Deco Class with Linda (last year).  One of the participants, Sarah Jasmine brought it and i can’t get my hand off it after tasting it for the first time.

This is 2nd time i made it on my own.. it’s VERY easy.. but i can’t do it often.. i really am putting on weight!

Thanks so much to Wan Mastura and Sarah Jasmine for sharing this wonderful recipe.




250gm butter                            } double boil

400gm cooking choc Tulip          }


Bahan B

340gm brown sugar        }

6 eggs                           } campur semua & whisk

20gm emulco                 }


Bahan C

80gm tepung gandun

60gm koko (imported)

140gm walnut dicincang



Melt Bahan A kendian campur ke Bahan B yg telah di-whisk dulu. Kendian boh sume dlm Bahan C.


Alas loyang 12X12 ngan kertas minyak sapu butter sket2. Tuang masuk adunan n bakar. Baking time n temp tu ikut oven masing2 yaa. cam sy punyer 130C for 50 min.


Note from SarahJasmine: ·         tidak perlu guna mixer·         bila bahan A campur ke B sy guna hand whisk and biler nak campur ke c saya kacau pakai spatula plak. choc n butter yg didable boil kan sy kacau pakai wooden spoon.(tak ikut pun tak per ..hehehh sajer mengatal nak taip banyak2 ).·         lagi satu, mula letak 20 mins sy biar…then every 10mins sy rotate sampai dia masak. sebabnyerrr. …oven ku panas tak sekata….ngeh ngeh ngeh…hehehheeh.