Sardine Roll

21 01 2008


Out of the blue moon, my thoughts reversed to more than 15 years ago.. even before i got married.  I made my first (and last) sardine roll which was a big hit among my siblings.. and i wonder why i stopped making the rolls.. hmm, really can’t figure it out!

I browsed through the net to look for this recipe and came across one in Kak Teh’s blog (  Thanks to Kak Teh for sharing this recipe! 

I can’t tell you how wonderful my tea time was last Saturday..  enjoying the sardine roll and hot tea with my darling hubby.. hmm, i wouldn’t ask for more..







Here’s the recipe:-

For the pastry (pls do not use bread)
* 250g butter
* 500g plain flour
* a pinch of salt
* cold water
Use rubbing in method to mix flour and butter
until they become like bread crumbs.  Add in
salt and pour in cold water and knead into dough.
Wrap in plastic bag & put inside the fridge while 
you’re working on the filling.
For the filling
* 1 can sardine in tomato sauce
* chopped onions
* chopped chilli
* a squeeze of lemon
* a pinch of salt
Mash sardine.  Add in the rest.
Roll out the dough thinly. Cut into rectangles.  Put
in the filling and roll.  Do little cuts on the rolls before
brushing egg yold on top.  Bake for 40 mins, 175C.



16 responses

22 01 2008

Hi Liz,

I was surfing the internet and came across your website. Suddenly I was like so happy, u know why, the sardine roll recipe was what I am looking for. I used to make these few years back, the recipe was given by a fren, I like it soooooooo much, but i lost it. And now I found it, wowwwwwwwww, I am going to bake this the moment I reach home tonight, its my favourite, unlike the one using bread right, its oily, but these rolls, its superb. Thanks ya.

22 01 2008

Hi Mar,

I was as happy as you are now when i found this recipe last week.. Feel like making it again tomorrow but i’ve “promised” my cats that i would bathe them tomorrow.. hehehhehe.. i’m sure they look forward to it.. kikiki..

Anyway, happy baking and eating!!

13 03 2008
mak farhah

satu adunan ni dpt byk mana ya?

17 03 2008

Mak Farhah, sori lmbt reply. Server down last Fri, penat dok type reply tak x masuk! Pastry ni saya wat kemetot jek, kira2 2x ngap. Hari tu tak kira dapat berapa.. agak2nya dalam 30 – 35 biji kot.. Saya belum rajin nak wat lagi w/pun sedap.. pasal cam lambat pulak nak siapnya w/pun nampak senang.. tang me-rolling dia tu yang lambat coz wat comel2…

17 03 2008
mak farhah

ok, tq u info. sy dah buat weekend lepas, memang dpt 30 biji satu adunan. nak mudah sy gunakan tupperware kecik as acuan u tekap, kejap dah siap

11 04 2008

hmm… dapnya.. pastry dia tu mcm buat karipap eh?

15 04 2008

nani, ye kot pastry dia cam karipap.. agaknya boleh guna gak kot.. pasal saya tengok mak wat karipap guna minyak panas jek.. yg ni kene guna butter. Cubalah, gerenti tirrrgoda..

19 07 2009
Poziah Talib

Hi, i think i am gonna try yr sardin roll recipe, its look delicious. wish me luck.

28 08 2010

This is exactly the recipe I’ve been looking for. I did this in Sec 1 in Home Econs class & loved the taste. Really felt like a cook then….. Now trying to get my 10-yr-old girl to try it out with me helping of course…. Had some sardine left-overs during this fasting month. Thanks a great deal for sharing the recipe.

22 11 2010

may i ask did u remove the tomato sauce?

22 11 2010


yup, i just use a lil bit of the sauce.. otherwise, the filling will be too dry.. and you definitely don’t want a soggy pastry..

20 02 2011
nia mahdir

sy nk tnya sardin roll tu sblm bakar mmg kna potong siap2 or bila dh hbs bakar bru potong… lagi satu brapa lma nk biarkan acuan tepung td dlm peti ais?? satu jam kah ???

22 02 2011

Nia, akak potong siap2 baru bakar.. kalau dah bakar baru potong, kang pecah2 pulak.. adunan tepung tu biar kejap je dalam peti ais.. tak sampai sejam pun.. saje nak bagi dia ‘sejuk’ kot.. hahahahha.. buat pastry tu siap2, masuk fridge.. pastu buat inti.. siap je inti, akak kuarkan pastry tu dah..

7 05 2012
har nie

nk tnya, sardin tu dimasak dulu sedap ke or masak kendian skli masa bakar.. bakar tu api ats bwh ke or ats aje? tenkiuss.. 😉

25 06 2012

berape harga nya kalau saya nak order 100 pcs ?

2 07 2012

dah senyap tu, x reply psl harge, x amik order kot sbb nk raya..

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