Chocolate cake and banana muffin

18 01 2008


Last Saturday, my cousin ordered 4 bottles of Coconut Cornflakes and 4 bottles of Almond Slice for her daughter’s engagement ceremony.  Me and my mum went there and of course, we weren’t there empty handed..  The easiest dish to do is the new version of chocolate cake (recipe below).  It’s sooooo easy to make and the best part is that i don’t have to wash the whisk and bowl of my mixer!  & the taste?  INSANELY DELICIOUS!

And on Sunday, I made some banana choc chip muffin.. also taste great!


SIMPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients A·         2 cups all-purpose flour·         1 ½ cups cocoa powder·         2 tsp baking powder·         2 tsp soda bicarbonate·         3 tsp Nescafe (coffee powder)·         A pinch of salt   Ingredients B·         2 cups caster sugar·         1 cup cooking oil·         1 cup evaporated milk (I used fresh milk)·         3 eggs (I used Grade B)   Ingredient C·         1 cup hot water 

 Method·         In a large bowl, combine Ingredients A. Mix well.·         In another separate bowl, combine Ingredients B. Mix well.·         Add both and mix them until well incorporated.·         Lastly, add in the hot water.·         Grease the baking tin.·         Bake for 60 minutes (or more), 160C. 








4 responses

19 01 2008

hi kak liyz..
chocolate cake tu nampak sedapppp!!!
ni nak kene try nih sbb mcm simple sangat… sekrg ni malas btol nk wat kek yg ambik mase lame tuh… 🙂
thanks 4 d recipe…
muffin tu tak bagi resepi skali???

21 01 2008

mmg sedap lelo.. especially klu guna koko van houten. the first time buat kek tu utk desert masa bbq.. leka memanggang smpi lupa kek tu dlm oven. Kesudahannya masak for 2++ hours kot! sib baik menten sedap! panas2 tu terus potong, 1/2 jam jek kek tu hilang dari radar! Muffin tu resepi kat umah, lupa je nak bwk.. dapat kat blog Zairul & Zack – refer kat my fav blogroll tu ye..

4 05 2008

erm..hi sume..camne yer nak wat muffin yg lembut n sedap..nak wat xjd camtu..

6 05 2008

Titi, muffin ni bergantung pada resepi gak.. saya penah dapat yg kurengg & penah dapat yg best (resepi dah tertimbun!). Tapi saya masih belum khatam buat muffin & masih belum jumpa resepi idaman muffin cam kat kenny rogers tu.. sedapnya!!

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