Fruit Tart & Chocolate Cupcakes

28 01 2008

Someone ordered plain chocolate cake last Thursday & she wanted it on Friday.  I used the Simple Chocolate Cake recipe and it turned out very well.  The papercup sticked to the cake like superglue!

& yesterday, i made some fruit tart for pot luck in office today.  My colleague (Fahmi) is leaving and today is his last day..  and since we haven’t had this ‘makan-makan’ thing for quite some time, we thought it was the right time to have one..









Sardine Roll

21 01 2008


Out of the blue moon, my thoughts reversed to more than 15 years ago.. even before i got married.  I made my first (and last) sardine roll which was a big hit among my siblings.. and i wonder why i stopped making the rolls.. hmm, really can’t figure it out!

I browsed through the net to look for this recipe and came across one in Kak Teh’s blog (  Thanks to Kak Teh for sharing this recipe! 

I can’t tell you how wonderful my tea time was last Saturday..  enjoying the sardine roll and hot tea with my darling hubby.. hmm, i wouldn’t ask for more..







Here’s the recipe:-

For the pastry (pls do not use bread)
* 250g butter
* 500g plain flour
* a pinch of salt
* cold water
Use rubbing in method to mix flour and butter
until they become like bread crumbs.  Add in
salt and pour in cold water and knead into dough.
Wrap in plastic bag & put inside the fridge while 
you’re working on the filling.
For the filling
* 1 can sardine in tomato sauce
* chopped onions
* chopped chilli
* a squeeze of lemon
* a pinch of salt
Mash sardine.  Add in the rest.
Roll out the dough thinly. Cut into rectangles.  Put
in the filling and roll.  Do little cuts on the rolls before
brushing egg yold on top.  Bake for 40 mins, 175C.

Kuey Tiaw Bandung

21 01 2008

When it comes to cooking dishes, my hubby is a great cook, i would say..  (and a great mess-maker too!!!).  He made this kuey tiaw bandung yesterday for the BIG family tea time.. what a nice change!




Chocolate cake and banana muffin

18 01 2008


Last Saturday, my cousin ordered 4 bottles of Coconut Cornflakes and 4 bottles of Almond Slice for her daughter’s engagement ceremony.  Me and my mum went there and of course, we weren’t there empty handed..  The easiest dish to do is the new version of chocolate cake (recipe below).  It’s sooooo easy to make and the best part is that i don’t have to wash the whisk and bowl of my mixer!  & the taste?  INSANELY DELICIOUS!

And on Sunday, I made some banana choc chip muffin.. also taste great!


SIMPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients A·         2 cups all-purpose flour·         1 ½ cups cocoa powder·         2 tsp baking powder·         2 tsp soda bicarbonate·         3 tsp Nescafe (coffee powder)·         A pinch of salt   Ingredients B·         2 cups caster sugar·         1 cup cooking oil·         1 cup evaporated milk (I used fresh milk)·         3 eggs (I used Grade B)   Ingredient C·         1 cup hot water 

 Method·         In a large bowl, combine Ingredients A. Mix well.·         In another separate bowl, combine Ingredients B. Mix well.·         Add both and mix them until well incorporated.·         Lastly, add in the hot water.·         Grease the baking tin.·         Bake for 60 minutes (or more), 160C. 





Ehm, sedapnya…

18 01 2008

A week before bukak sekolah, bebudak ketot tu request buat barbeque.. & last week pulak, i request kat my darling hubby utk buat spageti.. So, inilah hasilnya.. lumayan beb!!






Time for Bread

15 01 2008

I keep thinking of making breads.. but it’s very time consuming and TIME is what i’m lack of..  i’m not sure what makes me busy these past few weeks, or should i say months… i haven’t got the chance to really pamper myself… who’s fault is it when my brain keeps thinking of baking.. or making something… {sigh}….





2 pics above are my first perfect loaf.  Believe it or or, the ingredients are soo basic and no butter/shortening or egg needed!  and yet, it’s so soft and  yummy.. & the best part is that i just have to dump everything inside the breadmaker.. It took 4 hours to do the whole process… i cut the loaf while it’s still hot, right after i took it out of the loaf pan.  To get a perfect slice, it has to be cut when it’s cold + a sharp knife.. i’ve wait for sooo long and i don’t think i can wait any longer.. and besides, i love hot bread..

anyway, my quest for a perfect bread still continue….