Little Tea Party (Part 1)

26 11 2007

This week, i believe i’ve gained another kg or two.. thanks to my mom for telling me that i’ve actually lost weight!  and to make up for the ‘loss’, i cook!! hahahhahahah.. 

i always cook when hubby is not around.. kind of bored, so have to do something to fill up my time.. i did housekeeping in the morning, bathed the cats and finally stared at the wall…  huh, what a boring life!  Especially now that it’s school holidays, Danisya will not be at home most of the time.. So, i decided to try out a new recipe – Carrot Muffin, the recipe was shared by Anim the rocker (pls refer to her blog for recipe –  And as requested by my niece, i made another big batch of donut (again?!!).  This was on Saturday.

Everything was ready by 6pm… it was indeed a very lovely afternoon… the kids were happily playing and the mums & dads were happily eating!  hmm, how i love my family…








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