And the winner goes to….

10 10 2007

There’s no doubt that “this” cookies will always be number 1.. from the first year i started to sell cookies until now, “she” stays champion with a total of 153 bottles sold this  year.  And of course i’m talking about my Almond Slice.


Surprisingly, the newly introduced cookie, i.e. Choc Chip Spotties proudly beat Sweet Tart Mawi for the second placing with a total of 104 bottles sold. 


Both Sweet Tart Mawi and Coffee Choc Chip share the third place with 58 bottles each. 

And the most ‘unwanted’ cookie is Kelapa World.. hey, i like Kelapa World!!  errr, guess it’s more to ‘biskut orang tua’.. (dah tua ke aku ni?!!).  So, have to say “asta la vista” to Kelapa World…

ok, got to finish up my filing.  will be taking my raya leave starting from tomorrow..

Again, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin… take care!




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