Happy Birthday Sayang

13 09 2007


My beloved partner’s birthday was on last Sunday (9/9).  He was extremely busy with work (ATM Tatoo or something) and seldom had the chance to come home for the past two weeks, but for this special occasion, he sneaked out during lunch time to come home and had lunch together (a very late lunch tho, thanks to me for being busy in kitchen preparing cuppies for my customer).  Danisya wanted to go to Chicken Rice Shop.. as usual, she gets what she wants.. After lunch, came back home, cut his birthday cake and rushed back to the ‘scene’… i know very well that he doesn’t like cakes.. so, when he didn’t even take a bite of the cheesecake that i baked, i didn’t feel anything.. well, that’s very normal of him.. and that’s the reason why i baked cheesecake!  i’ve been craving to try out DeeDee’s (of RN) recipe.. now i found the reason to bake.. wallah.. there you are.. a lovely and very filling cake!

But too bad, i’m unable to download the photos yet ‘coz my sis kidnapped my camera right after that.. hmm, got to wait, then..

Especially for my room mate, life partner and my other half, errrr jap eh nak menggediks kejap, kene cakap melayu.. kikikiki… w/pun sayang tak baca blog ni, kot la di satu hari kang nak baca ke… ja nak cakap gak w/pun sayang dah tahu.. yg sayang sayang ni sangat-sangat sayang kat sayang.. hehehhehe.. ada paham ka?  






2 responses

28 09 2007

hi there liz…
i am wondering if u mind sharing ur ALMOND SLICE cookies recipe with me..
been trying to get he recipe for ages…
u can email me yaa…TQ!

5 10 2007

Hi Nadia,

Hope you’ve tried the cookie.. any prob? do send feedback ya..

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