Cupcakes Order from Little Flower Pot

3 09 2007

Got an sms from the owner of Little Flower Pot ( some time back (sorry, haven’t got the time to update my blog!!), requesting for a box of cupcakes..  Since i don’t have any other commitment that day, i agreed to accept the order..

Here are the pics…  (sorry, quality of photos is very bad… but i’m glad they love the cakes!)






2 responses

12 09 2007

eh kak dah upload ek! 🙂
thanks sebab accept emergency orders!
we all suka cupcakes tu.coklat dia rasa betul and the icing pun tak berapa manis..harga pun sangat berpatutan! mmg best!
design ala-ala flying colors tu mmg sesuai utk my nephew nak UPSR.
thanks again..will definitely order from u next time 🙂

12 08 2008

wud love to order cupcakes for my sis-in-law’s besday this coming saturday….how do i do that???please assist!n email me…apreciate!!thanks!!

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