Happy Birthday Dear Sally

10 08 2007

I made these for you last nite.. (hope u like pink!). jumpa tonite? dok dalam fridge lagi tu.. but these are not cheese cake.. yg tu kene tunggu wiken ek… itupun klu sempat coz danisya requested fruit tart pulak…




I’ve been trying soooo hard to remember that this day will not pass without me wishing you a very happy birthday (so that u don’t have to remind me to wish you like all these years!!!)…

Thank God, i think this is the first time i manage to wish you on time without you having to remind me.. hehehhehehe… yeah rite, and i call you my very best friend…

But Sally, i’m sure you already know by now that you are indeed one of the most important person in my life..  what do i do without good friends like you!!!  (and what would you do without a friend who help u to do translation or draft email like me.. hahhahaha)

Anyway, i’m wishing only the best for you and your family, dunia dan akhirat…

p/s – kalau rajin this Sunday kita wat cheese cake..  err, sepotong cukup?.. hehhehhe




5 responses

14 08 2007

whoaaaa…. tak perasan nama ‘sally’ sudah naik dlm blog ini… ahak!! anyway, thx for everything & specially remembering my birthday… cam dah lemau kan nak remind u every yr… 😉 yes, thx for being a very best fren 2 me 2.. during my ups & downs… so whr’s my sepotong cheese cake tu?? (baru blik dr cuti2 di rmh mak mentua… heheheh…)

24 08 2007

Hi sally… i just hope i m not too late to wish you happy birthday. semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki. maklum le i sibuk manjang sekarang ni you…. tak sempat nak jengah blog chef malija kita ni …hehehe

13 09 2007

heehee.. chef malija.. cam sesuai gitu ek.. anyway, thx zit for the wishes… its never too late… cuma dah rasa lebih kureng muda jek… hmmm…

20 11 2007

Akum , boleh ajar saya resepi buttercream yg digunakan?teringin nak cuba

22 11 2007

terima kasih atas budi baik liz mengajar saya, moga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur, insyallah..

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