Honey, I Burnt the Bread!

31 07 2007

After a very very very long break, i finally managed to squeeze my time to fulfil Danisya’s demand for fresh bread.  I was attracted to LindaZA’s comment in ResipiNet and so i decided to try this out (thanks beb for sharing this recipe)… i used my Princess breadmaker (she had a good long break – how lucky!)  to do the magic.  Danisya requested for pizza bun, i wanted cheese, my dad loves raisin bun and the other kids love sausage bun…. so, with only 1 dough i manage to do varieties of bread… and needless to say, enjoying bread right from the oven – priceless!  tho i must say i burnt the breads!!

500g bread floor

100g castor sugar

4 tsp dried yeast

1 tsp salt

1 egg (gred A)

water – 250ml (tapi saya tak siram terus buh sikit2 tgk keadaan doh)

100g butter atau shortening (nak mix pun bleh gak)

bread improver (optional)

30g milk powder











2 responses

31 07 2007

weeiii.. mana yang terbakarnya tu.. mama ingat hangus.. hahaha.. well.. you definitely burnt your bread.. for your son.. muahahaha…

mama kena praktik kan semula buat roti ni laaa.. tak lama lagi dah kena pencen paksa.. wakakakaka

10 08 2007

mama ooooiii… bhg atas jek gelap. saje je tu, gimik..hhahahahha (byk ler alasan)..

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