Looking for Agent for “Liz Cookies”

24 07 2007

Dear frens,

Fasting month is almost around the corner..  need to really plan my time…. and i really really really mean it!  Can’t afford another sleepless nights especially during the last two weeks before Hari Raya…  i’m planning to bring back home (SP – well, actually it’s my hubby’s hometown) loads of my very own cookies…  For the past few years, i have to buy cookies for them and even for myself… hahhaha..

Enough of the ‘introduction’, let’s get back to business.  I’m looking for agent to sell my cookies.. I’ll be selling 11 types of cookies which i put in a red-covered plastic container (will snap one and post it here soon).  Depending of the size of cookies, it contains around 53 to 70 pieces.  I’m selling them at RM19 per container – for the consumer (sorry, i’ve to increase the price by RM1 due to increase in almost everything used to make cookies!).   For the agent, it’s actually RM17, a commission of RM2 per container.

If you’re interested, do email me at dandinie@yahoo.com or call 012-6569895.  The samples will be ready in the first week of August (i hope!!).

Cookies on sale this year are:-


Coconut Cornflakes (NEW)


 Crunchy Chocolate Rice (NEW)


Coffee Chocolate Chip (NEW)


Chocolate Chip Spotties (NEW)


Almond Slice (No 1 Top Seller 2006)


 Sweet Tart Mawi (No 2 Top Seller 2006)


 Badam Intan (No 3 Top Seller 2006)


 Kelapa World


 Oat Square


Snow Heart Suji

+ London Almond (sorry no pic yet)




4 responses

27 07 2007

kuih.. kuih… mari beli kuih..
soploh sen satu.. jommmm.. hehehehe… Yong.. bestnya biskut2 tu.. beri resipi boleh???? heheheheh

30 07 2007

sori arr ma, sekarang takde soploh sen satu arr.. sumer naik harga.. resepi nanti kita emailkan, no hal.. sumer dapat kat RN gak.. hehehehhe..

3 08 2007

hehehe.. usik jooo yong oi…..

26 09 2007

kak yong…
samat berpuasaa…..

sy nk tanya sket arrr pasal cookies nih…
ari tu ade buat utk makan2 jer.. then ade yg berkenan n order…
tp sy tatau camne nk letakkan harga…
buleh tau tak yg biase kak yong jual berapa ringgit utk choc chip cookies (50 pcs)..
ingat nk email kak yong personally.. tp taktau email add plak….
thanks in advance…

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