Birthday Cake 3

17 07 2007

Thank God, she didn’t request for another birthday cake to share with her friends in Sri Cerdik Tuition Centre.. otherwise, i think i’m gonna quit baking!!

This cake is the last one for her to bring to SK Puchong Perdana and share with her 4Cemerlang friends… I think this is the simplest cake on earth, made by a lazy mother (guess that’s why God bless me with only one child!).  Danisya helped decorated this.  Had to use ready-made rose since i’m short of buttercream (leftover from previous cake) & am tooooo lazy to make a fresh batch.

Anyway, i’m glad it turned out tasty (that’s what Danisya said!) & she claimed that this cake is tastiest among the three.. cherrio, thank God it’s over..







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