Now you see it, now u don’t..

3 07 2007

That phrase sounds familiar eh..  hehhehehe.. last wiken, my darling hubby was around so, my kitchen was closed.  But, since i got a few hours for myself on Saturday morning, i tried this Chocolate Chip Cookie by Williams-Sonoma (got the recipe from

I’ve been wanting to make a large cookie, so this is my chance.. besides, i don’t have that much time.. The taste?.. hmmm, it’s a bit hard, so i must have not weighed my flour correctly.  Otherwise, it tastes great!  (not for me tho coz i dont like choc chip! hehehhe).  But others enjoy snacking these.. so, i’m sure they’re good..






2 responses

4 08 2008

hi great site nice work thanks youporn free =) redtube come see u

4 08 2008

yong, hold cookies class for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
asik rentung jer cookies wa tak pun keras… muahahahaha…

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