Pie – the first of its kind..

29 06 2007





I’ve been too busy with payroll..  no passion for ‘writing’..  but to do justice to my blog, i can only post some photos… dishes i made last weekend.. enjoy.

These are chicken pie.. thanks to Mama Zieza for the lovely recipe (lookout for the recipe in Mama’s blog – http://mamazieza.fotopages.com)..  i love trying out Mama’s recipe, maybe ‘coz i know it’ll always turn out beautiful..  This is my first attempt of making chicken pie.. believe me, they’re wonderful.. a great snack for tea time..




4 responses

2 07 2007

wei…dah tu tak reti2 nak bukak bakeri ke??? Tak kira, raya lagi 2 – 3 bulan ni I want to see those on your table ..heheheh

3 07 2007

mana ada orang makan pie masa raya weiii!!! ekekekke..

8 07 2007

puji lebih2 tak main laaaaa. hantar by post kat sini… boleh tak.. amacam????

11 07 2007

hantar gambo je aci tak?!!!!

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