Sutera Layered Cake

19 06 2007

Last Saturday, i attended a very cheap yet informative class for this Layered Cake (called Batik Sutera or something..) conducted by Community College which only cost me RM14!!.  Tho i’m sooo not familiar with Kajang area and with hubby not around to drive me there (which almost drive me crazy of thinking of getting lost!), alhamdulillah, i managed to find my way with ease, i would say!

The class started at about 9am and ended around 1pm and i was surrounded with friendly friends, some familiar faces i’ve known from ResipiNet.  All in all, i enjoyed the class very much and we’re planning to have another one soon (i hope!).

I don’t have the group photo here b’coz i forgot to bring my camera.  Perhaps would get a copy for Lynn Sham later.

Neeway, the cake was soo good (tho i think it’s a lil too sweet).  Nevertheless, whoever got the chance to taste it said the same!






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