Peach Trifle

16 05 2007

This is my third attempt.. and i think this is the best.  But perhaps it’ll be even better if i sprinkle some chocolate or add in the leftover chocolate fudge.. yup, should try that some other times.  This is pretty easy to make..  I learned about trifle from Mas (RN).  Thanks so much to her. 

You Need:

  • Chocolate roll cake – slice thinly (1 cm)
  • Non-dairy Whip Cream – beat until stiff peak forms (i used 1L of Rich Brand)
  • Instant Pudding Custard – prepare as per instruction + 2 tbs cocoa powder
  • 1 can peach (in syrup) – dice

To Assemble:-

  • Bottom layer is chocolate cake.  Sprinkle some peach syrup on to cake. Then put in diced peach.
  • Middle layer is custard.  Fold 1 1/2 cup of whipped cream into custard mixture. (should add in choc fudge here).
  • First layer is whipped cream.  Use diced peach as deco. (should also sprinkle choc fudge here).
  • Cover with “cling wrap” and refrigerate for 6 hours (overnight is better).











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