Arghhh, i’m tired..

18 04 2007

I miss my blog!!  i’ve been extremely busy lately.. just shifted back to Puchong, from a double storey and very spacious for the three of us to a pigeon hole.. gosh, how do i survive?

But good news for my cats and kittens.. they gonna have their own compound that’s quite spacious for them to play hide and seek.. no longer in the cage… and am going to move them today.. waweeee…

And my boss who’s scheduled back to office next week after his 4 months leave came to office yesterday.. surprise, surprise… luckily i did my housekeeping last week.. otherwise, would have been a big surprise not only for me but also for him.. hehheheh.

Ok, got to go home and continue with the unpacking of all the ‘treasures’ (or junks?) from the old house.. question is, where do i ‘hide’ them?  arghhhhhh….






3 responses

4 05 2007

wowww..comelnya anak2 ni…geram pasal tak dpt geget telinga dia..hishh..ngencess..

4 05 2007

cenny, kalau boleh dimakan, aku la yg awal2 lagi geget tinga dorang tu.. hehehehhe.. apa da? tengok kucing leh ngences..

17 05 2007

Yo…yo…. i like this one. bila lak ko beranak kan diaorang ni ek…so cutee…!!!!

ni kalau mirul dapat ni, habiss…

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