Chocolate Fudge Recipe

9 04 2007

One of my blog viewers asked for the Choc Fudge Recipe and i think it’s only fair that i post it here as well…   got this recipe from Kak Suria RN, thanks soooo much to Kak Sue for this wonderful and not too sweet choc fudge (that’s only because i forgot to put in the condensed milk!)

Ok, here’s the recipe:-

2 cups water

2 cups coarse sugar

1 cup cocoa powder

1 cup corn flour

2 cup fresh milk (1 choc + 1 plain or can be both of same flavor)

1/2 cup condensed milk

a pinch of salt

2 spoonful of butter/margarine – i used Planta

Put everything together (except margarine) on a slow fire.  Keep on stirring preferably using egg whisk to get smooth texture.  When the chocolate texture begins to thicken up and bubbling? (blup, blup.. hahaha, that’s the sound!), remove the pan from the heat and add in margerine.  Mix well.Tadaaaa… done!  Try it..




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