Chocolate Cake.. again

9 04 2007

I always wonder.. when i got an order, they’ll always be next…  Then, it’ll stop until the next ‘season’… sometimes the gap can be just a week, sometimes more than a month!  But alhamdulillah, my oven is quite busy this March and April…  since baking is just a hobby, i’m glad i got this type of ordering patern.

Pics below is for today’s order… the next one will be end of this week… and the next will be end of this month… With me moving out of the house next week, i hope i won’t be getting any new order until i settle down…  yup, moving back to Puchong, in a small rented house while waiting for our current house to be sold.. or the Sg Petani’s house.. which i hope to be very soon..  thinking of the condition of the rented house is already making me very sad..  but got to make do with little budget that we have, plus the location..  got to really save to make our dream home a reality….

Istana menanti…. pasti….







4 responses

9 04 2007

Salam sis liza, can share ur topping recipe tak..tengok sedap n nak try buatlah. thxs alot alot.

9 04 2007

Salam to u, siti. I’ve emailed the recipe kat your yahoo add. check it out and good luck!

11 04 2007

Salam sis, tq i dah dpt ur recipe, tq alot alot. salam.

20 11 2007

akum yong, nak tanya sikit lerr…saya baru nak menceburkan diri dlm masak memasak ni, klu nak buat bunga atas kek tu, yong buat swirl guna nozzle no berapa?boleh tunjuk ajar?tq.

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