Mini Pizza

25 04 2007

I’ve made the base of my mini pizza from ‘rejected dough’.. actually, i tried a new recipe of doughnut some time back and dump everything into my breadmaker, only to find that the dough was too sticky… that’s the result of too much water..  since the only thing i know to make use of the dough is to make it as pizza base, so, that was what i did.. & kept them in the fridge for almost a month before decided to serve it for tea last sunday.  What you see in the photos are what i have in the fridge (nothing much for a lazy cook like me!)..



Sold out in no time… that’s all matters..


Last Minute Cupcakes

20 04 2007

dsc00646.jpgI overlooked the fact that my sis ordered 200pcs of cuppies last weekend, just one day before i moved back to Puchong.. so, imagine the mess!  Luckily, i’ve packed almost 90% of the stuff, except for my cooking gadgets..  My sis requested for a plain chocolate cuppies, which are normally topped with a lil’ bit of chocolate and colourful chocolate rice sprinkled on it just to make it attractive.  But since i have some leftovers of buttercream in the fridge and would be more than happy to make them disappear, i decided to use them all for my sis’ cuppies.

And so here they are….




The quality of photos are very bad.. sorry..

Arghhh, i’m tired..

18 04 2007

I miss my blog!!  i’ve been extremely busy lately.. just shifted back to Puchong, from a double storey and very spacious for the three of us to a pigeon hole.. gosh, how do i survive?

But good news for my cats and kittens.. they gonna have their own compound that’s quite spacious for them to play hide and seek.. no longer in the cage… and am going to move them today.. waweeee…

And my boss who’s scheduled back to office next week after his 4 months leave came to office yesterday.. surprise, surprise… luckily i did my housekeeping last week.. otherwise, would have been a big surprise not only for me but also for him.. hehheheh.

Ok, got to go home and continue with the unpacking of all the ‘treasures’ (or junks?) from the old house.. question is, where do i ‘hide’ them?  arghhhhhh….



Chocolate Fudge Recipe

9 04 2007

One of my blog viewers asked for the Choc Fudge Recipe and i think it’s only fair that i post it here as well…   got this recipe from Kak Suria RN, thanks soooo much to Kak Sue for this wonderful and not too sweet choc fudge (that’s only because i forgot to put in the condensed milk!)

Ok, here’s the recipe:-

2 cups water

2 cups coarse sugar

1 cup cocoa powder

1 cup corn flour

2 cup fresh milk (1 choc + 1 plain or can be both of same flavor)

1/2 cup condensed milk

a pinch of salt

2 spoonful of butter/margarine – i used Planta

Put everything together (except margarine) on a slow fire.  Keep on stirring preferably using egg whisk to get smooth texture.  When the chocolate texture begins to thicken up and bubbling? (blup, blup.. hahaha, that’s the sound!), remove the pan from the heat and add in margerine.  Mix well.Tadaaaa… done!  Try it..

Chocolate Cake.. again

9 04 2007

I always wonder.. when i got an order, they’ll always be next…  Then, it’ll stop until the next ‘season’… sometimes the gap can be just a week, sometimes more than a month!  But alhamdulillah, my oven is quite busy this March and April…  since baking is just a hobby, i’m glad i got this type of ordering patern.

Pics below is for today’s order… the next one will be end of this week… and the next will be end of this month… With me moving out of the house next week, i hope i won’t be getting any new order until i settle down…  yup, moving back to Puchong, in a small rented house while waiting for our current house to be sold.. or the Sg Petani’s house.. which i hope to be very soon..  thinking of the condition of the rented house is already making me very sad..  but got to make do with little budget that we have, plus the location..  got to really save to make our dream home a reality….

Istana menanti…. pasti….




Floral Cuppies

6 04 2007



I think i’m in love with this design.. simple but sweet.  Don’t you think so?

Chocolate Cake Anyone?

6 04 2007


Another order for Chocolate Cake.. hmm, the melted chocolate is insanely delicious, i tell u!!

(Sorry the photos didn’t do justice to the taste of this cake..  the baker (that’s me) was in a rush to sleep!!)