Happy Birthday Izzat!

26 03 2007

I’d like to thank my best friend, Sally, for trusting me to prepare 150 cuppies for her son’s birthday last Saturday…  I was excited to do this and was hoping that I can impress her with the cuppies.. 

But things didn’t turn out as smooth as i hope it would be..  I spent the whole Friday nite baking the cuppies… Sally requested for sponge cake.. after the first tray has cooled down, i looked at the cakes in horror.. they began to undress!!  Oh my god, what have i done wrong?.. i thought i was extra careful during the mixing stage.. Still i continued till the end.. Then, i started to prepare the chocolate cake.. Alhamdulillah, no problem at all.  To make up for the ruined cake, i baked vanilla butter cake.. don’t know how to explain to Sally about this!  Really hope she wouldn’t be mad at me..  I slept only after i finished with the baking + making custard for fruit tart.. that was about 5.30am..

After breakfast at 9.30am, i started to decorate the cuppies.. i had to force my dearest hubby just to assemble the fruit tart since I’ve already prepared the crust and custard. He did all 150pcs by himself.. saaaayang dia..  hahahhaha..

I didn’t expect that decorating cuppies is very time consuming.. i know i was in deep shit when everything was still in a mess by 1.30pm.. the party started at 3pm..  But alhamdulillah, we managed to deliver the cakes and fruit tart exactly 2 minutes before 3pm!  What an impression i gave to the first person who ordered the cuppies from me!

Huh, i got tired just to think of last Saturday!  But i hope Sally had a wonderful birthday celebration.. To adorable baby Izzat, happy birthday… My doa for you the little one:-

Ya  Allah Ya Rasulullah, tambahkanlah baginya rezeki yang banyak lagi halal, imam yang benar,  ilmu yang bermanfaat, kesihatan yang elok, kecerdikan yang tinggi, hati yang bersih dan kejayaan yang besar.. Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin..


Look at the prince charming (pic above – hakcipta terpelihara ye.).. Isn’t he adorable?  Sib baik takde baby girl kecik, kalau tidak, harus ku book awal-awal lagi!  hehehe..








4 responses

29 03 2007

awakkk… makasih atas doa u to our little hero tu… & thx for everything… heheh.. dlm pd kekabutan & kekecohan tu, i guess overall was ok & tak menjejaskan langsung our SMALL gathering tu.. dan yg pastinya all your cuppies tu finish in split second… sib baik smpat sorok utk diri sendiri… hehehehe…

29 03 2007

hehehe.. yelah, very the SMALL gathering kan.. glad you like it.. lenkali leh order lagi ek..

30 07 2007

ya rabbi! mak datuk. teruknya hasil kerja tu. i think you should respect your customerslah jgn buat cam tu tapi tak tahulah kalau you jual murah giler and orang tak kisah elok ke tak janaji ada and murah. those are really really awful looking cupcakes and fruit tarts. the decos on the cupcakes looks so hurriedly done melepaskan batuk di tangga. what a shame.

30 07 2007

Mirna, spt yg dikomen oleh my customer, the cuppies habis in split second.. so, kiranya tak kesah la u nak cakap apapun kan.. it doesn’t matter to me.. and jengah2 la sini selalu ye..

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