New Project – Frozen Food

23 03 2007


Do you know that i’m not good at making malay kuih?  of course you don’t… hehehhe.. So, when i saw an ad in RN for Frozen Food class a few weeks back, i quickly registered myself and attended the class.  I took the opportunity to ask my sifu everything on the business, including the sticker and even the type & size of plastic bag she use to pack her frozen food.. hehehhehe..

I went home with very high spirit & bought all the ingredients needed to make my first frozen foods… unfortunately, i got stucked with other things.. so, this project was on hold..  Only during the next weekend I succeeded to make donut, cucur badak, samosa, puteri ayu and breaded sausage.. I’ve to take out all other things in my freezer to give way to my new product.. hehehhe..

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days of promoting, i wouldn’t say the demand is great… but at least non stop..  Looks like this Sunday, i’ll be making donut, cucur badak and samosa again.. hmmm…




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