Sweet Daisy…

22 03 2007

Look at the photo first, story later..



Sweet kan cookies ni?  Saaaaayang kat Ena RN yg bermurah hati share this recipe (if you want the recipe, you can find it at ResipiNet).  Taste pun ok, just nice je manisnya and lembut membelai lidah bak kata Ayu RN.  Yang pink tu ada perasa strawberry.  I intend to make this for my brother’s wedding this April.. Maybe nak mix jugak perasa chocolate pasal nak ikut the wedding’s theme color which is brown..  Cookies ni konon2 cam nak letak atas setiap meja jadi macam appetizer la.. pastu letak contact number sekali in case orang nak order ke.. 2 in 1 la tu.. hehehhe.. boleh?




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