Cuppies Orang Malas

20 03 2007

I finally made it!!  yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…. tho i had to actually force myself to make these cuppies..  Since my best friend is requesting for cuppies for her son’s birthday this Saturday, i had to at least do some ‘practical’ beforehand rather than knowing the theory and keep visualising the cuppies in my mind..


I thot decorating cuppies is just another simple ‘lepa-lepa’ task.. gosh, how i was wrong!  It needs ‘tough endurance’ to complete the whole thing.. coz not even half way and i was like, oh my god, how am i going to finish this?!  Making cookies are very much easier than this..  and the last few cuppies were, err, errrrr disaster?  I couldn’t care less, i just wanted to clear the buttercream.

And so I brought the cuppies to office as part of my Frozen Food promotion.. something like, buy frozen food get cuppies free..  It’s unbelievable that my frens said they’re cute, taste wise ok (tho i don’t quite like the cake – new recipe).  And amazingly, i got my second order..  rezeki, rezeki…




2 responses

21 03 2007

ehem.. ehem… r u talking abt my izzat’s bestday ke? 😉

22 03 2007

awak, tenkius jengah kat blog kita ni.. & of course it’s about izzat’s besday.. thanks to you sebab ‘memaksa-rela’ i buat cuppies ni.. klu tak smpi bila pun tak start2!

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