Let’s talk business

2 03 2007

Dah penat merapu, now let’s talk about business.  For the past 10 years (agaknyalah!), i’ve been selling cookies during festivals, especially Hari Raya.. under brand named “Liz’s Cookies – Penyeri di Aidilfitri”.  Perghhh, dasyat, i tell u…. Have tried so many cookies recipes and choose only the best (tasty and easy to make) to be in my list of cookies for sale.  Those with good rating or maintain the demand from customers will remain in the list.  And of course, those with least orders will have to say goodbye.. hehehe..

There will be around 10 types of cookies every year – the top rated cookies and the new ones.. For so many years, my customers (mostly my frens) asked for Pineapple Tart and my answer was – “tak abis belajar lagi”.  I dare not take the risk to make my own pineapple jam.. takut berkulat cepat & customers nanti marah.. But i somehow learned from ResipiNet that i can always buy ready-made pineapple jam that can last forever.. true enuff.. i tried once, liked it, and my frens who tasted it said the same.. So, in 2005, i’ve added “SWEET TART MAWI” in my list..  Just like Mawi (i love you!), the sale for my tart boomed and the demand for it was the highest!  Opss, before i forget, thanks soooo much to Kak Hanieliza for sharing the wonderful recipe..

Sweet Tart Mawi

Apart from Sweet Tart Mawi, the most sought-after cookies is Almond Slice.  This cookies was always No. 1 until Sweet Tart Mawi came into the picture.  Almond Slice is crispy, some may not like this type of cookies.. me and my daughter like it when it got burnt (not totally burnt of course).. hehehhehe.. For our own consuming, I purposely extend the cooking time.. hmm, sedap wooo…


Alhamdulillah, the demand for Liz’s Cookies increased every year.. For the past 2 years, i’ve to get my sister to assist me, full time.. last year, my order reached to almost 24,000 pieces, that was about 380 bottles.. Juggling between work and this side income, man, that was tough!  And almost every year, i’ve to buy cookies from others untuk jadi penyeri on my own meja!  sian, sian.. 

Ok, guess it’s enuff for today.. will talk about other cookies in my next update ok.  Ta…




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