A Tribute to Resipidotnet

2 03 2007

This is a very special column dedicated to the owner of Resipidotnet (“RN”), Jeni and all the moderators, Mama Zieza (sifu segala sifu), Anim d rocker (sifu roti), LindaZA (sifu cupcakes), Kak Sue (sifu macam2), Nina (sifu cake)  and a few others.   This website educates me on the wonderful world of cooking..  kawan2 RN ni memang marvellous, tak kedekut ilmu, suka share resepi & all the cooking tips.. memang world lah!

Most of dishes that i cooked, resepinya datang dari RN.. i do have a few cookbooks but still i search for recipes in RN.. very seldom i tried recipes from the cookbooks for fear of failure.. coz most of recipes given in RN are TNT by the members.. so, if anything goes wrong (ni kalau yg membuatnya tangan tak berbedung la, juz like me), we can always refer to the owner of the recipe or simply ask others… dengan pantasnya dorang respon… nape? tak pecaye ke?  it’s true.. i’ve met some of them during our gatherings.  They’re very warm and friendly, all of them.. it’s like a big happy family.  And these people make me realize that the more you give, the more you’ll get back..

 RN, wa caya lu!!!

The above photo was taken during our gathering some time in May 2006.  What a wonderful bunch of people!!




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