Donut oh donut

1 03 2007


Donut is my favourite.. it’s simple to make & most importantly, sodappp..  especially with the help of my Princess Breadmaker, life is sooo much easier.. looking at the photo mungkin macam tak sedap sangat, but trust me, this is the best!   ok, if u wanna try, here’s the recipe.. jap jap jap, thanks sooooo much to Chef Li pasal mereka cipta donut sedap nih..

Donut Chef Li

 500 gm tepung gandum / multi purpose or high protein flour

11 gm yis / instant yeast

40 gm gula / caster sugar

16 gm susu tepung / milk powder

5 gm garam / salt

5 gm bread softener3 gm baking powder

25 gm telur   / egg

250 gm air  / water

25 gm marjerin / margerine or butter

47 gm shortening

1 sudu teh ovalette / 1 tsp ovalette  

(nota nak cari telur 25 gm payah sikit so guna 1 biji telur dan sukatan campuran air dan telur hendaklah tidak melebihi 275g)  (note – combine 1 egg & water. The weight of mixture should not exceed 275g) 


masukkan semua bahan kering dan ovalet. Gaul rata.masukkan telur dan air serta uli rata dan licin.masukkan marjerin dan shortening dan uli hingga licin.rehatkan doh selama 5 minit.canai doh ikut ketebalan yang sesuai dan potong dengan donut cutter.selepas itu biarkan doh naik 2 kali ganda. goreng dalam minyak panas dan api sederhana.Dah siap, apa lagi nyekek la.. hehehe.. enjoy! 


Combine all dry ingredients & ovalette in breadmaker.  Mix well.Add in egg and water. Beat to form a dough.Add in margarine and shortening. Continue to beat till a smooth dough is formed. It should have an elastic touch.Leave to proof for 15 – 30 minutes till it doubles its size.Roll dough into 1cm in thickness.  Use doughnut cutter to cut out doughnuts.Leave on tray and let it rise for the second time, say 10 – 15 minutes.Use medium heat to deep-fry doughnuts till golden.Remove, place on absorbent papers.Dredge with caster sugar whilst hot. 




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