Si Belang…

30 03 2007


Cuba tengok belang tu.. memula cam rajin, pastu cam malas pulak…  tu pasal la jadi camtu.. tapi rasanya maaaaasih sedap..  i used a very simple and straight forward buttercake recipe.  I got this recipe so many years back, even before i got married.. but i’ve already improvised it (thanks to RN) to make it tastier and ‘richer’…   For my family, this cake is a must during Hari Raya!

It’s pretty simple to make, the whole process, starting from taking out the ingredients to taking out the cake from the oven, would take about 1 1/2 hours only.  If you care to try, here’s the recipe:-


  • 300g butter
  • 300g castor sugar
  • 320g flour
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup fresh milk (up to you)
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • Flavor + coloring (chocolate/cocoa/strawberry) – optional

Beat sugar + butter till fluffy.  Add in eggs, one at a time.  Add in vanilla essence.  Lastly fold in flour + baking powder (sifted together) in alternate with fresh milk (be sure to start with flour and end with flour).  Divide the batter into 2, one plain and the other mix with flavour of your choice (or you may want to bake it plain).  Scoop 1 spoonful of plain into the cake tin (greased and lined), then the flavoured, alternatively till you finish the whole thing (for better result, reduce the amount of mixture bit by bit as you go along).  Bake at 150c for about an hour. 

And the result.. insanely delicious!!

Bahulu dan kesah dolu-dolu

29 03 2007

Lately ni cam tak rajin speaking london.. so, guna bahasa rojak jelah ek..

A few weeks back, i attended bahulu making class kat puchong (refer to their website  Cikgu Ani memang baik. Tanyalah segala macam pertanyaan, selagi boleh jawab akan dia jawab dengan senang hati.. tak kedekut ilmu langsung!  We were taught 5 types of bahulu – Bahulu Cermai, Bahulu Pandan with Choc Rice, Bahulu Cappucino, Bahulu Choc Chips and Bahulu Strawberi, with 3 additional recipes given – Bahulu Tradisional, Bahulu Tesco1 and Bahulu Tesco2.

Looks easy to make provided you have an industrial mixer!!  and i only have hand mixer! hahahhahaha.. tak seshuai la..  so, pas ni nampaknya kene beli gak la industrial mixer.. pastu boleh tambah koleksi tukun kat umah tu.. boleh?!!




Apa kaitannya ngan kesah dolu-dolu?  Ekceli bahulu is my abah’s favourite.. sanggup tu dia pukul telur ngan gula (jaman dolu takde mixer!) semata2 nak makan bahulu buatan sendiri.. eh baru perasan, dorang kan tahu wat bahulu, pesal aku tak mintak resepi kat dorang arr?  ish bengong betul!!   Ok, back to the story, abah penah citer masa dia kecik-kecik dulu, waktu hari raya, dia gi meronda rumah2 kat kg dia dgn geng2 naik beskal.. sampai kat satu rumah ni, ada la bahulu kecik2 & ada sekor bahulu ikan besar yg dibuat sebagai kepala hidangan… abah punyalah suka tengok bahulu ikan besar ni, dia pun patahkan ekor ikan tu & ngap… sekali tuan rumah tu nampak kepala hidangan dia dah cacat, dia punyalah marah kat abah!!  Dia paksa abah habiskan ikan sekor tu… siannn kat abah, terkial2 la nak abiskan.. perut dah kenyang hasil rondaan sebelum tu..

So, moral of the story, toksah ler ada ‘makanan hiasan’ kat meja masa raya ni.. bebudak bukan tahu apa… kalau nak letak kek cantik sebijik kat tengah2 meja tu pastikan jugak letak pisau pemotong kek sekali.. tak pun potong siap2 so meja tak messy dikerjakan dek bebudak tu.. Tapi, dah nama pun raya, takyah ler nak marah-marah kan… lagipun perkara mudah utk dapat pahala is membahagiakan budak2.. Rasulullah dulu suka buat bebudak hepi…

eh, pesal cakap pasal raya plak ni?!!

Samosa d’Squeraa..

27 03 2007

Ahakssss, sesuka ati bagi nama ek..

Last Sunday buat samosa utk tempahan geng2 opis.. 1 batch je, 50pcs..  pastu pagi tadi rasa cam nak makan samosa, ku korbankan 1 plastik (10pcs) and goreng bawak opis utk sarapan… sempat ngap 1 jek.. pastu wat keje…  After a few hours, rasa cam kebulur sangat dah, pi la masuk pantry.. hampehh dot com betul – dah boliau… takpelah, rezeki kawan2.. lagipun dah sedia maklum, kalau letak food kat pantry tu, memang kira wakaf arrr.. sesape  pun boleh ngap..  mesti sedap la tu.. hahahha (masuk bakul angkat sendirik nampak!)


Sponge kek yg terpinggir

27 03 2007


Ni lah sponge cake yg tak jadi tu.. telah pun ku buangkan baju dia.. nampak cam sedap kan?  MEMANG SEDAP PUN!!  tapi sebab dia buat perangai, tak pasal2 dia terpaksa ku ketepikan.. sian dorang..  Ni resepi from kak intan salem (SG) yg dpt dari Puan Rukiah dan dipopularkan oleh Norazie RN. 

Ekceli ini kali ke3 buat cuppies using this sponge mix tapi apakan daya, they choose last Friday  utk buat perangai.. bila buat utk makan sendiri, ok pulak.. padahal ikut resepi cam biasa, tak derhaka pun!  Geram, geram!! Ni resepi asal & yg dah dimodified oleh Norazie kalau nak cuba (copy&paste je ni)..

Resepi asal kak intan…


550g tepung sponge mix

8 biji telur A

1 sudu kecil baking powder

2 sudu teh vanilla essence


150g minyak

A – pukul sampai kembang. Last sekali masukkan minyak sekejab jek putar atau kaup je ngan spatula. lepas tu boleh bahagi2 utk letak colouring dan perisa….  Tapi sebelum bakar, biarkan 10-15 minit…tepung lebih kembang – gebu bila bakar.. bakar 15-20 minit…jgn terlalu lama, nanti garing…..

Yang ni modified resepi ….


500g tepung sponge mix

50g tepung hong kong

50g air sejuk (ais)

8 biji telur A

1 sudu kecil ovallete

1/2 sudu kecil butter oil [OPTION]

2 sudu vanilla essence


200g minyak/butter cair .  

Cara/kaedah sama di atas.

Fabulous donut.. my fav..

26 03 2007


Opps, i’m supposed to go home.. but i HAVE to put up this..

Told ya I lurrrrrve donut..  i made 2 batches yesterday coz my frozen donut is in great demand.. hahahhaha..  and for tea at my mum’s house, i brought these over.. also sold out in no time.. at first, Danisya was like, ergghhh donut again!..  But somehow, she took one.. and another one.. No one can resist donut!   Look at the pics and tell me you can..




Lagi lagi cuppies

26 03 2007

diya5.JPGThese cuppies were orders from my sister in law last week.. she wanted the first batch on Friday (for her daughter Nadhirah to celebrate with friends in school) and the second batch was for Saturday – celebrate with family members..





I’m soooo glad that the ustazahs love the cakes.. said they’re very tasty..  huh, lega nooooo..

Oklah, dah sakit kepala.. and not feeling like thinking anymore.. wanna go home..

Happy Birthday Izzat!

26 03 2007

I’d like to thank my best friend, Sally, for trusting me to prepare 150 cuppies for her son’s birthday last Saturday…  I was excited to do this and was hoping that I can impress her with the cuppies.. 

But things didn’t turn out as smooth as i hope it would be..  I spent the whole Friday nite baking the cuppies… Sally requested for sponge cake.. after the first tray has cooled down, i looked at the cakes in horror.. they began to undress!!  Oh my god, what have i done wrong?.. i thought i was extra careful during the mixing stage.. Still i continued till the end.. Then, i started to prepare the chocolate cake.. Alhamdulillah, no problem at all.  To make up for the ruined cake, i baked vanilla butter cake.. don’t know how to explain to Sally about this!  Really hope she wouldn’t be mad at me..  I slept only after i finished with the baking + making custard for fruit tart.. that was about 5.30am..

After breakfast at 9.30am, i started to decorate the cuppies.. i had to force my dearest hubby just to assemble the fruit tart since I’ve already prepared the crust and custard. He did all 150pcs by himself.. saaaayang dia..  hahahhaha..

I didn’t expect that decorating cuppies is very time consuming.. i know i was in deep shit when everything was still in a mess by 1.30pm.. the party started at 3pm..  But alhamdulillah, we managed to deliver the cakes and fruit tart exactly 2 minutes before 3pm!  What an impression i gave to the first person who ordered the cuppies from me!

Huh, i got tired just to think of last Saturday!  But i hope Sally had a wonderful birthday celebration.. To adorable baby Izzat, happy birthday… My doa for you the little one:-

Ya  Allah Ya Rasulullah, tambahkanlah baginya rezeki yang banyak lagi halal, imam yang benar,  ilmu yang bermanfaat, kesihatan yang elok, kecerdikan yang tinggi, hati yang bersih dan kejayaan yang besar.. Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin..


Look at the prince charming (pic above – hakcipta terpelihara ye.).. Isn’t he adorable?  Sib baik takde baby girl kecik, kalau tidak, harus ku book awal-awal lagi!  hehehe..